Does Your Business Involve Field Work? Get a Mobile Field Service App

There are lots of companies, which involve field work in their operations. These companies are not restricted to just one or two industries; companies related to several industries send their employees out for field work. It becomes chaos for these organizations to track the progress in the work of their employees in the field. But it isn’t a problem for those companies, which are ready to embrace new technology. Such companies can make good use of mobile field service apps to carry out such tasks smoothly.

Along with keeping the records of all the activities done by the employees in field, these apps offer some other valuable benefits as well. Let’s have a look: -

Updates in Real Time- These apps track and record the jobs done by the workforce in field with the exact information about time and location. The best thing is that such an app updates the information in real time. Company can also track the location of the employee at any particular point of time through this app. It helps companies in keeping the accurate records about the duration of the employees’ visits to various customers and the work done by them over there. It also exerts an impression on the employees that they are being tracked that discourages them from spending unnecessary time anywhere and as a result, the overall productivity enhances.

Increases Revenue- When employees are aware that their work is being tracked, they try to complete the jobs in short time and do more work. Also, the app adds the entire amount charged to the customers to the invoice without leaving any chances for omission. Moreover, the app records short customer engagements without any failure, which again leads to higher revenues.

Convenience- Such an app can make the jobs of the organization involved in field work convenient in several ways. As mentioned earlier it adds all the charges to the invoice automatically which itself is a big convenience. Also, it includes all the products and services provided in a single invoice and make the invoicing even more convenient. If organizations have to assign some work to the employees who are in field at that point of time, it can be done conveniently through the app. Besides, it provides offline access to inventory, price lists and other important documents which make the work of the employees quite easier.

Good Impression on Customers- Companies can make a very good impression on the customers by providing such apps to their employees. It also allows customers to sign directly on the smartphones. These things make loyal customers and these loyal customers do the promotion for the companies by word-of-mouth.

In a nut shell, imagine a couple of scenarios:

Imagine yours as a manufacturing business and you do provide your customers’ after sales service.
Now, you have mobile apps for your customers as well and all your product packets contain the QR code, using which the customers can download your app.
The customers can check other products; send service requests, complaints etc. using the app only. No need to call your customer support, being in long queue.
Now once a service request/complaint is registered in your backend system, your support team assigns that to a service executive of yours, based on city/area etc.
The service executive automatically gets notifications of new tasks, their locations and other details. They can check the inventory and price instantly from the app itself, if any parts need to be changed etc.
Once the executive reaches the location, they punch in and their location gets reported in your system. Once the job is done, the executive signs the task off and a notification goes to the customer instantly. They can close the complaint right in front of your executive.
Substance of this entire story: communication and information, instantly, seamlessly, convenience for your customers, your employees and most important for you: a loyal customer and real time information at every point of communication, thus increasing the ROI.
If your business work also includes field work, you must go for a mobile field service app. Mobile app development services are being provided at very reasonable charges these days. You can get a suitable offer that fits in your budget specifications perfectly by spending just a few minutes on the Internet. Just define your needs and start searching for an appropriate offer.